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Summer Dance Classes!

July 8th-August 10th

Summer Dance Camps!

2024 Summer Schedule.png

Week-Long Camps!

Week Long Camps
Princess Camp
2024 Princess Camp.jpg
2024 Summer Dance Camp.png
Summer Dance Camp

Day Camps!

Day Camp
Circus Camp 2023
2024 Circus Camp.jpg
Dance Around the World 2023
2024 Around the World Dance Camp.jpg
Barbie Dance Camp 2024
Nutcracker in July Camp
2024 Nutcracker Camp.png
2024 Barbie Dance Camp.png
Broadway Dance Camp 2024
Summer Vibes Dance Camp 2024
2024 Broadway Dance Camp.jpg
Olympics Camp 2024
Competition Choreo Day 204
2024 Olympics Camp.jpg
2024 Competition Choreography Day.png
Acro Workshops 2024
2024 Acro Workshops.png
Dance Intensive 2024
Eras Tour Camp 2024
LOL Suprise 204

We can't wait to dance with you this summer!

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